Crime Stoppers is Run by Citizens

Crime Stoppers remains an arm’s length agency from local police detachments to guarantee anonymity to all citizens that report information to us.

Central Alberta Crime Stoppers:

  • Is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors. This is a civilian board with an RCMP liaison assigned to help navigate the legal system. However, this person is not a voting member of our board.

  • Does not receive funding from the RCMP. Operating capital is raised through donations, casinos and other charitable means.

  • Members of the Central Alberta Crime Stoppers board cannot be actively employed in law enforcement.

  • All calls placed to our toll free tips line are processed by specially trained personnel who pass along information about a crime to investigating officers. 

Central Alberta Crime Stoppers works in association with the public, the media, and the police to solve crime and make our communities a safer place to live.

If you’d like more information on Central Alberta Crime Stoppers, contact us.